Eye Care: What do your eyes say about you?

The eyes are the windows to the soul; they tell your story and can say everything even when you say nothing at all. They are the first thing people notice about you and display all the expressions and emotions you are feeling inside. It can be easy to tell whether someone is happy, upset or overtired just by looking at their eyes.

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than skin on other areas of the body. It has minimal fat padding which makes it prone to puffiness; it has hardly any glands, which make it prone to dryness and it gets stressed due to constant eye movements. These are just some of the reasons the eye area is so delicate and requires a bit of extra TLC.

Sun Care

One of the most important steps when it comes to eye care, and overall skincare, is sun protection. UV rays are responsible for premature ageing including winkles, creases, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and skin cancer.  It is incredibly important to protect the skin around your eyes with a broad spectrum SPF, much like the Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 I PA++. Packed full of anti-oxidants to defend your skin from free radical damage, it smoothes out lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating this delicate area and provides powerful SPF 15. You should always wear sunglasses with UV filters when spending time in the sun and make sure to wear a wide brimmed hat to shade your face as the eyelid is a common spot for a melanoma to develop.


Getting sufficient amount of sleep every night can really make a difference to your eyes. As soon as you look at someone you can immediately tell whether they are well rested and ready to take on the day, or if they could have done with an extra hours sleep. Aim to get 6 – 8 hours sleep every night.

Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles

The skin around the eyes has minimal fat padding which can lead to puffiness and dark circles. This can be caused by many factors including fluid retention, stress, allergies and hormone changes. Use an eye cream like the Renewing Eye Cream which contains lots of antioxidants, vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids to soothe, hydrate and protect the eyes.

Tip: Keep your eye cream in the fridge to reduce puffiness and refresh the delicate eye area!

Internal Health

Eat a diet rich in colourful raw fruit and vegetables to ensure your skin is hydrated at a cellular level. When skin is properly hydrated, especially around the delicate eye area, it looks healthy, refreshed and more-youthful. In addition to a healthy and varied diet, take the appropriate supplement for your skin type to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients you need to look and feel your best.

Reduce Deep Wrinkles and Crows Feet

Using a product with powerful anti-ageing ingredients such as the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® for eyes is a must if you want to combat deep wrinkles and crow’s feet. It gently resurfaces the delicate skin around the eyes while plumping to fill out wrinkles with unique ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and the super fruit Durian. These two ingredients combined create the powerhouse Durian Cell Reform, a unique ingredient which hydrates, fights free radical damage and inflammation, making skin look youthful, healthy and illuminated.

Stop smoking

Smoking reduces the blood flow to the eyes and can increase the amount of toxic substances that your eyes absorb. It also makes your complexion look grey and increases deep wrinkles and creases. Not to mention the increased likelihood of developing cancer, and all the other negative health effects that come along with smoking.

How to apply eye cream: 

You should apply eye cream around the eye along the edge of the bone that outlines the eye socket. When you apply product like this then the right amount will be absorbed in all the right areas. Do not slather it all over your eyelids as this will aggravate the thin sensitive skin around the eyes and product will absorb into your eyes! 

It is important to incorporate a step into your skincare routine especially for the delicate eye area and with these great tips you can make sure your eyes sparkle and tell the story you want them to!


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