Murad’s 3-Steps to Healthy Skin: Step 1: Cleanse and Tone

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the first line of defense from the outside world, so it is vitally important to take care of it properly. Skincare can seem daunting as there are so many products which all do different things. However, once you’ve identified your skin type and what you want to achieve with your skin regime, it’s pretty easy to break down your skin regime into 3 simple steps: Cleanse, Treat and Hydrate.

A good place to start when trying to identify your skin type and which products would be best for you and your skin concerns is the Murad Personalised Skincare Evaluation. This quick online form helps to narrow down your skin’s needs and develop a custom regime, just for you. Of course, knowledge is power and you can always post your questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages if you need to know more! You can also visit a salon near you for a full skin consultation, luxurious Murad facial and a full Murad prescription.

The first step to healthy skin is to cleanse, but why is cleansing is so important?

Cleansing is much like brushing your teeth. If you don’t remove the dirt and impurities which can accumulate throughout the day and over night, they will build up. Much like the build up of plaque on your teeth can cause gum infections and gum disease, a build up of dirt on your skin can cause clogged pores and can ultimately lead to spots and more severe skin conditions.

During the day your skin accumulates all kinds of dirt and impurities, including naturally secreted sebum oil, dead skin cells, dust, air pollutants and makeup to name a few. Removing this surface dirt before bed is important as you are removing dead and dry skin from the surface, clearing out pores and preparing skin for maximum penetration of further treatments.

Cleansing in the morning is just as important as cleansing at night. “Why?” I hear you cry, when you’ve just cleansed your beautiful skin the night before. Well, during the night, your skin is in recovery mode. It is busy healing and repairing, which means come morning your skin will be covered in dead skin cells and sebum oil. Not to mention pillow grime and impurities you’ve picked up over night.

Once you have properly cleansed your skin, you are ready to move on to step two: Treatment.

Tip: Do not over cleanse. You should cleanse skin twice a day, any more than this can actually be detrimental to your skin health. Instead of helping, you could be stripping your skin of the essential oils and nutrients it needs. Plus, when you cleanse too much, your skin can actually start to produce even more oil to compensate, leaving you with an oily, shiny complexion.


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