Intensive Anti-ageing

Here at Murad, we know how stressful it can be noticing your first wrinkles and realising that unfortunately the inevitable has finally happened. You are looking older.

Ageing may be a fact of life but all is not lost. You can slow down the visible signs of ageing and keep your skin looking youthful and bright, but you must start taking care of you skin now.

When we are born, our cells contain 70% water which makes skin look young and plump. As we age, cell membranes break down and the water that once flooded our cells reduces, leaving us with wrinkles, lines and a loss of firmness. Collagen production slows down and unfortunately, we start to visibly age. To combat this we need to stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover.

So what are Murad favourite ingredients for treating the visible signs of ageing?

Glycolic Acid is a firm favourite when it comes to anti-ageing. Made from sugar cane, this deeply penetrating ingredient exfoliates and awakens the skin, encouraging collagen and elastin production to leave you with a plumper, firmer, more-youthful appearance! By exfoliating away the outer layers of dead skin cells, it reveals fresh youthful skin to the surface while lessening the appearance of sun and age spots. Wrinkles? What wrinkles!

The Durian Fruit may not smell nice or even taste that great but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to anti-ageing! Not only does it prevent the signs of ageing, but it reverses the appearance of ageing on the surface of your skin right down to your cells. Now that’s my kind of fruit! Dubbed the ‘King of Fruit’ in Southeast Asia; it hydrates skin, reduces inflammation and is of course full to the brim with antioxidants. Having the whole Murad recipe in one fruit ensures your skin is in tip, top condition and wrinkles don’t stand a chance!

The Murad Age Reform Intensives range combines these two potent ingredients to create a unique anti-aging powerhouse – Durian Cell Reform. If you are serious about anti-ageing, these are the products to use.


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