Halloween Skincare Tips and Tricks

Halloween is upon us and that means dressing up, painting our faces and eating several days worth of sugar in one sitting. Halloween can be a blast, but it can also be hard on your skin. Take the right steps to make sure that your amazing Halloween costume doesn’t leave you with dull, lifeless skin right before the holidays.

1. Don’t Buy Cheap Costume Makeup
This is one instance when it’s worth spending a little bit more, even though it’s just for one night, on premium costume makeup. Cheap makeup is greasy and will clog pores leading to breakouts, allergic reactions and dry skin. Is it really worth doing that to your skin for just one night? If you do cause damage to your skin, use the Redness Therapy range to re-hydrate and soothe irritated skin.


2. Remove Makeup Before Bed
No matter how exhausted you are when you arrive home after your Halloween party or gathering, make sure you wash off your makeup! If you don’t it can lead to breakouts and skin will look dull in the days to come. Use a good skin cleanser like the Refreshing Cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and impurities. Bare in mind, if your makeup is thick you maay have to double cleanse to ensure everything is removed and skin can breathe.


3. Use a Moisturiser
Applying a good moisturiser to your face, like the Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30, before your put on your makeup will not only help your face stay fresh and hydrated, but it will also give your makeup a more finished look that lasts all night. At night, use the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture to re-hydrate skin and make sure you don’t wake up with skin that still resembles a zombies.


4. Stay Hydrated
Although there are plenty of sweets and treats to be had on Halloween, make sure you stay hydrated by eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water too!



5. Avoid Frightful Blemishes
After removing your makeup, use a face mask to deep clean pores and remove the last traces of molecules of makeup. The Clarifying Mask draws out impurities and reduces breakouts by delivering powerful medication and absorbing pore clogging dirt and oil.


Clear away cobwebs after the Halloween celebrations with Murad’s Ageless Beauty Starter Kit which contains great products to keep your skin looking beautiful and bright right  up to the festive season!


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