Relax! You’ll be healthier

DR_ImageDr. Murad is a great believer in taking time for YOU. He believes that if you want good skin, managing stress levels is as important as your diet and the skincare products you use. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of taking time for you; from increased mental clarity to improved digestion. We know it can be hard to justify taking time for yourself, so here are some scientific reasons why you should be incorporating more “me time” into your day:

  • The enjoyment you get from self-pampering triggers a relaxation response that can prevent chronic stress from damaging your health.
  • Cardiologist Marianne Legato found that if you never have any time except reactive time (things you must do for others), your brain has trouble resting, even during sleep. She found that, “such chronic exhaustion increases the release of stress hormones, and your blood sugar rises. If this is your normal state, then the physical consequences increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and memory problems,” not to mention the effects on your waistline.
  • A recent study found that sleep deprivation is one of the best predictors of on-the-job burnout.



Are you guilty of intending to take time for yourself, but somehow it never actually happens? Here are some of the tips Dr. Murad’s shares with his patients to ensure that “me time” becomes a reality:


  • Put your “me time” in your calendar and keep the appointment as you would any other meeting.
  • Plan in advance what you will be doing with your “me time” that day. If you are locked into an appointment somewhere – say for a massage – you are less likely to cancel.
  • If you have kids, trade babysitting with another parent. That way you are not only helping yourself but also helping another busy adult take some “me time” too.
  • Set the expectation with your family and ask them to support you. Tell them some of the statistics above, and show them how they will benefit from you taking your “me time.”
  • Turn off your mobile. When “me time” comes, unplug! This will help you detach from that to-do list and kick your brain into relaxation mode.

MassageDr. Murad says:

“Remember, if it is something you are doing simply to cross it off of a to-do list, then that’s not time for yourself. Schedule the time like you would a meeting with an important client. Don’t forget that your most important client is you.”


Start scheduling some “me time” in today – doctor’s orders!


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