Spotlight on: Renewing Cleansing Oil (£29)

We’re excited to launch our first oil-based cleanser! Using a blend of gorgeous botanical oils, it’s fantastic for removing makeup, eye makeup and the dirt of the day, while also hydrating the skin and locking in moisture. If you wear makeup, have dry, sensitive or ageing skin we think you’ll love this.

Don’t be afraid of using oil for cleansing, you see oil and dirt on the skin attach to the oil in the cleanser, and when rinsed off, it results in clearer, unclogged pores. Top tip: make sure your cleansing oil is non-comedogenic (it should have a non-comedogenic symbol). This will reassure you, especially if you have oily or a blemish-prone skin, that it won’t clog your pores. Of course, it goes without saying that our Renewing Cleaning Oil is non-comedogenic.

Dr. Murad says: “Many people are hesitant to put oil-based products on their skin for fear of clogging pores or causing breakouts. This is a misconception. Even oily skin needs moisture – it just needs the right kind.”

Why it’s so special

This wonderful cleanser completely removes makeup and washes away surface impurities without leaving the skin stripped of its own natural oils. Whether you’re just prone to dry skin or if you’re working to stay hydrated to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this cleansing oil leaves skin smooth and hydrated.

Secret formula

Dr. Murad’s botanical blend of grape seed, pomegranate seed and sunflower seed oils, plus olive fruit extracts are the secrets to its success. They gently cleanse skin as well as adding hydration. While they’re at work, Jojoba and Liquorice are also busy nourishing your skin and helping to restore a smooth texture to your skin.

Your complete skincare regime

For the healthiest skin possible, we recommend a complete skincare regime which includes a cleanser, followed by a serum and then a moisturiser. And don’t forget an eye cream to protect and hydrate this fragile area too.

Find out more about this cleanser here:


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