Inclusive Health

Here at Murad, we believe in an inclusive approach in order to achieve beautiful skin. This means incorporating topical, internal and emotional care into your lifestyle.

Topical – Use the right products for your skin type and give skin that extra boost for a maximum glow.

Internal – Take the appropriate supplements to meet your skin concerns and eat your water. Raw fruit and vegetables contain structured water, the kind that promotes healthy, young cells. Include at least one raw fruit or veggie with every meal.

Emotional Care – Connect with others. Isolation causes the skin and the body to age rapidly so make that lunch date, take those dance classes, go to a spa for a facial and explore your inner passions in life. A happy challenged mind contributes to overall health – inside and out!


2 thoughts on “Inclusive Health

  1. I really like the idea that beautiful skin is healthy skin! It makes so much sense.
    Great blog Murad! xxx

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